Aspects to Keep in Mind While Driving Around Mountainous Terrains

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Motoring along a mountainous or high-altitude road can be an exhilarating experience or turn out be bumpy depending upon how you drive. If you don’t happen to be an extremely seasoned professional driver, simply steer clear of taking liberties with your driving especially when you’re negotiating the curves or hairpin bends. Keep your eyes on the road and be extremely cautious when you’re approaching a curve or steering around it. Go through the ensuing guidelines if you want to ensure that your mountain driving experience a memorable one.

  1. Comprehending why curves are treacherous will keep you cautious

As your vehicle negotiates a curve, two forces are at work-centrifugal and centripetal. The tires of the vehicle are prone to acceleration due to centrifugal force whereas its body is subject to centripetal force. These opposing forces of motion leads to skidding that can be hazardous. So, be careful about your driving while you’re heading towards a bend or curve.

  1. Drive slowly and steadily

Respect a road sign that screams ‘be slow on the curves’. Be in the know that majority of mishaps on high altitude mountain highways occur because of speeding vehicles. Slow down much before you approach a curve.

  1. Ensure everything is in perfect order

See to it that the vehicle’s brakes, exhaust, car heater, defroster, windshield wipers, and the treads on tires are in roadworthy condition. After all, you don’t want to be inconvenienced at the crucial moments.

  1. Don’t zoom away while going downhill

Make minimal use of brakes when driving downhill. However, that doesn’t imply that you should be racing when going downhill.

  1. Keep to the side instead of hugging the centre

You’d be able to see what’s coming up or down on the road in a better manner when you stick to one side. That way, you’ll also avoid running into or colliding headlong.

  1. Let the vehicle going uphill pass first


This is really important when it comes to avoiding accidents. You need to stay safe and let the vehicles ahead of you pass on before you move ahead.

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