Essentials You Need to Carry While Travelling to a Hill-Station

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India is a treasure-trove for a wanderlust tourist as the country is dotted with countless sightseeing spots including scenic hill-stations. Darjeeling, Ooty, Shimla, Nainital, Mussoorie, and Srinagar are well-known, enchanting hill-stations that simply cast a spell on the casual visitor. Visiting the sightseeing spots in these hill-stations will not rejuvenate your exhausted body but will also refresh your weary soul. The enjoyable weather, sweet and clear water, cool, fresh zephyrs, and shopping facilities all go towards making your trip memorable. To make the most of your tour, you should be particular about the essentials you need to carry.

Packing warm and/or woolen garments is a must as the weather remains chilly in hill-stations that intensify during the winter season. Ensure to pack gloves, beanies, woolen caps, socks, jackets, windcheaters, shawls, ear muffs, and mufflers. Don’t step out until and unless you’re not fully attired-the layers of clothing you’ll put on will naturally depend upon the daytime or nighttime temperatures. More often than not, a warm thermal will suffice if it isn’t too chilly. Don’t forget to carry ID documents and transcripts as you may not be allowed to access certain spots if you don’t show at least one document that attests your identity or citizenship.

Perhaps the best way to tour a hill-station is to trek around the town as hiking enables you to see the sightseeing attractions from close quarters. You should carry appropriate trekking shoes that let you trudge along conveniently both on macadamized and snow-laden paths. Wind blowing in the high altitude towns happen to be dry that can cause your skin to become parched and cracked. Therefore don’t forget to pack lip balms, skin moisturizers and creams. Other essential items you’ll need to carry include torch, smartphone charger, first-aid kit, medicines for cough, cold and fever, shopping bags, and a powerful camera.

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